Raw Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

 What is Thanksgiving dinner without dessert?  Yes, the savory part of Thanksgiving tends to be the star in most people's minds, but to be completely honest, dessert was always the thing I looked forward to as a child the most.  I would always save room for a piece of pumpkin, pecan and apple pie.  That was what my Grandmother served every year.  The pecan was my favorite.  But I have a feeling that if we still had a big Thanksgiving dinner at my Grandma's house I would be bringing some sort of dessert.  I no longer have a big family Thanksgiving, just a small one at home but dessert is still important to me.  Maybe it is to you as well, so I thought I would share with you 22 of my recipes that I feel are fit to serve at your Thanksgiving feast! As you may notice, it is heavy on the cakes, because those are my favorite, but I have smaller things like cookies and candies if you want to go lighter.  There is lots of food porn in this post even if you don't make any of it, at least you can drool over some dessert deliciousness.  Lastly, I wanted to say I am thankful for all of you that visit my blog!  You make my day with your kind words and it makes me so happy when I hear that you have made one of the recipes!  I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving with your families!

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