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When Anna Victoria Rodgers of Miss Eco Glam sent me a copy of her book Toxic World Toxic People, I knew it was going to be a good book, but I had no idea how shocking it would be to learn the dangerous things which we are all exposed to every day.  I grew up with a Mother who was very conscious of chemical exposure because she has fibromyalgia and she tries to avoid as many as possible.  She had us switching to all natural brands and chemical scent free products and when I was younger I could never understand why.  Now as an adult I get it. I too want to live as clean and non toxic as possible.  Which is why I wanted to read this book.
Anna exposes the truth behind many of the things we believe to be safe.  Toxic substances that the government considers ok to include in things like our water supply, beauty products, foods and much more.  She has different sections of the book, one for the toxins we are exposed to every day, another for the path to health and happiness, and another for rethinking parenting and problems in our society today.  So really she touches on all aspects of life where we may be living in an unhealthy way not just chemicals we are exposed to on the outside.  She also offers solutions to remedy these things and limit our exposure to toxic things.
I wanted to do an interview with Anna so that you can all see what she has to say regarding her book, so without further ado here it is:

What made you decide to write this book?

Basically it came about because I had a long history of ill health and I didn’t really know why. All I knew was that modern medicine was not helping me get at all better. Even my father who is a doctor, didn’t know what was wrong with me and often would say it was ‘in my head’ but I knew it wasn’t. Its not normal to feel so unhappy and so ill.
I began to do my research into Chronic Fatigue and Depression and what are the main culprits to causing these very common problems. My book is mainly about all the research I came across that ended up pointing to a very pressing issue – and that is, that toxic chemicals are causing so many health and mental problems for people. I felt it was my calling to share with as many people as I can, what is going on and what we can do about it.
 I’m also very passionate about ‘toxic relationships’ hence they title Toxic World Toxic People we’ve become ridden with chemicals that don’t belong in our bodies, and also our relationships with people are suffering too. Divorce is sky high and parents aren’t getting on very well with their children. And people don’t often tend to realize this but most depression and other mental health conditions can really be traced back to childhood issues – where we don’t always get our ‘needs’ met. Many of us can agree, that we don’t feel we are ‘seen’ by our parents, they don’t ‘get us’ or don’t see us a individuals with something valid to say. Lots of people have health issues that really relate to emotional trauma. I’m really passionate about helping people try and look back into their own childhoods, to try and understand what has happened and to move forward, as well as becoming much better parents themselves so they don’t pass it on to their own children. Many people aren’t healthy OR happy these days and I hope that my book helps people identify this but also provides solutions to help improve their state of mind and health. 
There are lots of shocking things I learned when reading your book, so what is the most shocking piece of information you learned when doing research for the book?
I think its mainly about the Pharmaceutical fraud that goes on in our industry.   It seems we hear every day about new cases that are being discovered. It’s very scary how much say they have with what goes on in the Government, there’s a big revolving door with staff going back and forth between the two, not to mention that Pharmaceutical companies pretty much spend the most amount of money lobbying the government. This allows for such serious problems to arise. 
Many of our children’s medication’s have not been tested properly tested for safety, or in conjunction with other medications they take - which is pretty concerning when you think about it. Tylenol is a very commonly used infant medication, but the average parent has no clue really what its doing to their child. Even using it once a month can increase their child’s risk of developing problems such as asthma. But there are so many amazing, and scientifically proven to work, natural remedies for things. I hope that parents take back their own power to look after their children’s health and their own.    I hope my book helps with this too.
You mention many ways of detoxing in the book, but what has been the best resource for you for helping to rid your body of toxins and feel better? 

I really love and both of these sites are jam packed with the best medical advice and are always heavily referenced. I also love Collective-Evolution’s website too and in fact, I am going to be writing for them soon.
You have lots of DYI non-toxic cleaning and home recipes in the book, which one do you find the most useful, or which one is your favorite?

I adore using Apple Cider Vinegar, its so inexpensive, and has a million and one uses (ok maybe more like hundreds!) but it can be used to clean pretty much everything, You can even use it as a fabric softener! Lemon and Hydrogen peroxide also cleans things hygienically too.
You talk about many things in your life that have happened in the book where you were exposed to toxins. If you could have chosen one thing in your lifetime to do differently and limit your exposure to toxins, what would it be? 

I think it would be to not use lead paint on my body that day when I was 5. I was silly and painted it on my body with a friend. It was actually house paint and back then, most house paint still contained high levels of lead. A heavy metal that has been banned from use in petrol and in paint because its now been proven to be safe.  I wonder how different my life and health would have been without doing that. But perhaps I wouldn’t have written this book!
What do you hope to accomplish through the distribution of your book?

I really just want to help as many people as I can, the individual, children and the whole family. To do this on a big level would be a dream come true. My book hit best seller status last week which has been very exciting keep getting it out there.
If you could give one piece of advice for living a healthier life, what would it be?

To look at what food you are eating, what quality it is, is it the right food for your body and to limit your pesticide intake as much as possible (buy organic as often as you can) and to stay right away from anything that may have been sprayed with Glycophosphate, this stuff is ruining peoples stomach function and contributing to allergies and just general poor health. This is a pesticide created by Monsanto. I have written about Monsanto in my book and wowzers, I don’t know how the staff their can sleep at night. Oh wait, I do, they more than likely sleep on the best linens in gorgeous huge homes because Monsanto are a multi-billion dollar industry with a hold on the world that is causing untold problems. They have to be stopped one day and it will only come from ‘we’ the people who will just not continue to buy their poisons.
I am also big on detoxing, but not in a way that is difficult to do. I didn’t start to get better health and mental wise until I started detoxing. I recommend people to use a fantastic product called Pure Body Zeolite that is safe, easy to use and scientifically proven to remove toxins from the body. Babies are being born with at least 200 industrial chemcials in their bodies (reference in my book) so its easy to see that we all need to detox on a regular, if not daily basis.  Pure Body starts working within minutes and can often make you feel physically better within a few days.
You can purchase Anna's book HERE on Amazon and good news, it is free right now if you buy the Kindle version!  I would recommend you all  read this book as it is something everyone who wants to live a healthy happy life should read!  You should all check out her Website as well!
Here are a few of my recipes for non-toxic body care items:
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