Vegan Strawberry Lemon Cream Tarts

It has been beautiful here in Minnesota the last couple of days.  A low 60 degrees in the morning, 80 in the afternoon and the humidity has finally dropped.  It is bearable to workout outside again, and my injury has healed just in time to be able to enjoy running in it.  It was so nice to go out and run this morning and not be immediately sweating and have a nice breeze with it! While I was enjoying the outdoors, I also was contemplating what I should make with the many organic strawberries I had in my refrigerator.  I hadn't decided by the end of my run, but luckily I had all day at work to think about it.  My mind is like a snow globe sometimes, too many ideas floating around all at once.  What I decided on though at the end of the day were some strawberry lemon tarts.  I have always been a fan of tarts, ever since I was little and my Mom and I used to go to Cafe Latte in St. Paul and get dessert.  I liked the little mini tarts with fruit on top.  Pretty soon we found recipes to make our own and it quickly became one of our favorite desserts. So simple, but so good.  So now even as an adult I love them.

Raw Guru recently sent me a goodie box that included Supernova Almond Flour and Stone Ground Organic Coconut Butter, so I knew I could put them to good use in my tarts.  Their almond flour is actually truly raw, which can not be said of most "raw" almond products in the US, but theirs comes from Italy and it is top quality.  It has a nutty sweet flavor that is perfect when used in desserts, like the tart crusts in this recipe.  Their coconut butter is silky smooth, more so than the stuff I make myself at home, so it makes for a nice smooth filling in a recipe like this or frosting or coconut cream which is what I most often use it in.  If either of these things sound good to you, check them out on the Raw Guru website!  I have loved all of their products that I have tried, especially their nut butters.  definitely check those out too while you are there!

Back to the tarts, they were simple and easy to make, which is awesome on a weeknight!  For the crust, I used the almond flour, quinoa flour, dates, coconut butter and sea salt, and they turned out just right! Rich tasting and a simple but delicious base for the filling. The filling was a mixture of coconut milk and cashew butter with a hint of tart aromatic lemon and it was silky smooth, reminiscent of cheesecake filling. It set up nicely and it was the perfect pairing with the fresh strawberries.  What I also love about these tarts is you don't have to heat up the oven, which is awesome in the Summer!  They are super delicious, so if you happen to have fresh strawberries on hand, give them a try!

Vegan Strawberry Lemon Cream Tarts
Makes four 4 inch tarts




  • 3/4 cup full fat coconut milk (the thick part from the top of the can)
  • 2 Tbsp raw cashew butter
  • 1/3 cup Dastony coconut butter, warmed to liquid
  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 Tbsp organic lemon zest
  • 2 Tbsp maple syrup
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt



  • about 1 cup organic strawberries, quartered



  1. To make the crusts, combine all ingredients in a food processor and process until the mixture is the consistency of dough, and holds together when squeezed.
  2. Oil four 4 inch tart pans, and press the mixture into the bottoms of the pans and up the sides.
  3. To make the filling, place all ingredients in a food processor and process until smooth.  Spoon into the tart shells, and smooth the tops.
  4. Arrange berries on top of the tarts, and refrigerate for at least 3 hours before serving.


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