Red, White and Blue Berry Semiffreddo

Fourth of July was so different when I was five. We would spend the day up at the cabin, enjoying the sun and water, eating hot dogs and chips, and running around in our swimsuits.  Then at night, when it was finally dark enough, my uncle would set off fireworks at the end of the dock for us to oooh and aahhh at.  We would also light off sparklers and run around like crazy kids, because at that time it was not illegal.  It was a big party in my mind, and I always looked forward to it.  What I also looked forward to, was my Mom's dessert!  She made the best red, white and blue desserts every year, featuring berries.  My favorite of which, frozen whipped cream and berries.  I do not remember exactly what was in it, just that it was in a large 13x9 inch pan and had the shape of a flag made of berries on the top.  Now that I think of it, my Mom did make pretty good desserts. 


This year on the fourth it will be pretty low key, as I am working most of the day, not spending it at the cabin in the sun.  But I still feel that a good dessert is essential, party or not, and I am sure I still watch fireworks.


And so, in the spirit of the fourth, I created my own red, white and blue layered dessert remeniscent of the one my Mom used to make.  Well, at least the way it tasted.  I made a semifreddo using whipped coconut milk, fresh berries and a bit of agave  nectar and vanilla to sweeten.  Simple as that, and so delicious!I hope you all are having a wonderful Fourth of July week!


Red, White and Blue Berry Semifreddo
Serves 2-3

the cream from the top of 2 15 oz cans full fat coconut milk, chilled
2 Tbsp coconut nectar or maple syrup, divided
1 Tbsp pure vanilla extract, divided
1 cup blueberries, divided
1 cup raspberries, divided

Line two 4 inch round springform pans with parchment paper (or use one 4 inch springform pan and extend the parchment to 3 inches above the pan on the sides (similar to what you would do for a souffle collar) if a tall semi-freddo is desired instead of two small). Set aside. 
In a large chilled bowl, whip coconut milk to stiff peaks, about 2 minutes.  Beat in nectar and vanilla until just combined.  Place in the fridge to stay cool while you puree the berries.  Puree half the blueberries and half the raspberries.  Divide the coconut cream mixture into three chilled bowls.  Fold the raspberry puree into one, and the blueberry puree into another.
Spoon half the blueberry mixture into the bottom of the two prepared pans dividing evenly between the two(or the bottom of the tall pan), top with a few blueberries.  Next do the same with the raspberry mixture, topping with a few raspberries.  Next the vanilla layer.  Then repeat the layers again ending with the vanilla.  Top with the remaining fresh berries, and place in the freezer for a few hours until firm, but not rock hard.  To serve, cut into slices!

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