Raw Hazelnut Crunch Dark Chocolates


I once heard a quote: "You can't make everyone happy, you are not a jar of Nutella." It's kinda true, a jar of Nutella is pretty awesome.  I have made my own for the last few years, because most store bought has all sorts of sugar and other ingredients I do not want to be eating in it.  And, I admit when I have a jar I eat it mostly straight up it is that good.  So anyways, I was in the mood to make some chocolates last week, and I wanted them to be Nutella flavored. Also, I wanted them to be easy to make nothing putzy and time consuming.


Because it is the Holidays after all, and things around here have been pretty hectic lately.  So, I made my basic raw chocolate recipe, whisked in raw hazelnut butter, and added chopped pecans and bam boom...delicious little crave worthy chocolates. Just a few of these little guys cures my Nutella craving. If you have a Nutella lover in your life, you may want to whip up a batch of these as part of their Christmas gift!


Raw Hazelnut Crunch Dark Chocolates

Makes 32

Raw Chocolate:
1/2 cup raw cacao powder
1/2 cup Vivapura raw organic cacao butter, warmed to liquid
1/4 cup raw coconut nectar or maple syrup
a pinch of sea salt
1/2 cup raw hazelnut butter

two 16 hole chocolate mold (I used silicone)
about 1/4-1/3 cup chopped raw hazelnuts

Combine all chocolate ingredients and whisk together until smooth. Take your chocolate mold and fill holes half full with chocolate. Drop some of the chopped hazelnuts into each chocolate over the bottom layer. Top with remaining chocolate in the holes so it is even with the top of the mold. Place in the freezer to harden, then pop out of the molds and enjoy!

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