Raw Almond Butter Raspberry Cups

If I am out running in the summer, and there is a sprinkler...damn right I am running through it!  A bit of the kid in me comes out.  I am serious about running, all business in the morning when I lace up my shoes until I finish my last mile, but I veer off of my course for a sprinkler.  I admit, it has a purpose on a 90 degree day, to keep me cool, but I would say I do it more for fun.

That is kind of the mentality I had when I made some Raw Almond Butter Raspberry Cups last weekend.  I had extra chocolate, and I could have taken the easy way out and simply put it in molds all boring and left it at that, but the child in me wanted nut butter cups. Peanut butter cups were always my favorite, but I thought I would put an adult twist on it with raw almond butter and fresh local raspberries. 

They were functional, in that they used up my extra chocolate, and they made me feel like a kid again when I ate them.  Seriously though, the fresh raspberries were better than any jam I could have used and it was pretty amazing with the sweet raw almond butter and dark chocolate.  I have a feeling any kid or adult would take a couple of these down in no time and be pretty happy.

Raw Almond Butter Raspberry Cups
Makes 12

1/2 cup raw cacao powder
1/2 cup raw coconut oil, warmed to liquid
1/4 cup raw coconut nectar or raw agave nectar
a pinch of sea salt

about a heaping 1/4 cup almond butter
36 fresh raspberries

12 mini sized foil cups (regular peanut butter cup sized, not the tiny and not the regular muffin size)

To make the chocolate, whisk together all ingredients until smooth. Set 12 foil cups out, and fill them 1/3 full with chocolate.  Set in the freezer until hard (about 15 minutes), then place about 1 tsp of almond butter into the center of each.  Press 3 raspberries into it, then spoon chocolate over to cover.  Set in the freezer until hard, about 15 minutes.  Store in the fridge.

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