Peppermint CBD Hot Chocolate

I have been saying to myself for weeks now that hot chocolate sounds good.  I caught a whiff of someone's chocolate creamer going into their coffee at my work and ever since then I have been craving it.  I really don't make it often enough.  I used to make it quite a bit when I was younger and we had those packets that you just stirred water into.  I know, not the best stuff but I liked it back in the day because it had sugar. The best hot chocolate I ever had back then though was when we were traveling through Europe when I was in high school.  That hot chocolate tasted like it had real chocolate melted into it.  It was so rich and delicious.  So that is what I try to recreate when I make it now as an adult.  I think of hot chocolate as a dessert in and of itself.  Something perfect for sipping after a meal.

So, I decided to make some just for that reason last weekend. I wanted something fancy, so I made it a peppermint hot chocolate.  And, I heard about a coffee shop opening around here recently that had CBD coffee, so I thought, why not make some CBD hot chocolate?!  Get my daily dose of CBD oil with my dessert.  Raw Guru recently sent me some 300 mg Veggimins CBD oil and I love it!  I have been taking CBD oil before bed and in the morning for a few months now, and it really helps me sleep better and calms my nerves.  CBD is also good for relieving inflammation, which I need help with sometimes since I work out a lot.  If you have never tried this oil, it does not contain THC the psychoactive part of cannabis, so you don't get high, it just helps with things like decreasing anxiety, fighting inflammation, relieving nausea and decreasing depression among other things.  Definitely check it out, it is worth it!

But back to the hot chocolate.  It is really simple to make, I just heated the coconut oil, and whisked some cacao powder AND chocolate into it for a double chocolate affect!  I of course had to add some peppermint and vanilla to to give it that delicious peppermint flavor, plus a little maple syrup for sweetness.  And of course I had to add the CBD oil.  I think that this hot chocolate might become a favorite this Winter.  It is rich, creamy, intensely chocolate flavored, aromatic with mint and vanilla and of course it has a calming affect.  This is the perfect thing to relax with all cozy in your PJs!

Peppermint CBD Hot Chocolate
Serves 2



  1. To make the hot chocolate, heat the coconut milk in a saucepan until it comes to a boil.
  2. Once it has come to a boil, turn off the heat and add all other ingredients, whisking until smooth and uniform in color.
  3. Pour into mugs and serve!
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