Little Raw Chocolate Cake with Blueberry Lavender Frosting

Blueberries, lavender and dark chocolate are a match made in heaven!  The first time I had the pairing was actually a dark chocolate bar, and it was amazing.  I have since decided that it is not just for candy though, it is perfect for other desserts as well, like this cake.  

The sad thing is, when I started making this chocolate cake, I was just going to make a plain chocolate cake, unadorned with simply chocolate frosting.  But then I decided that wasn't good enough for me.  It had to be more interesting.  I began to think about the ingredients I had at home, and blueberries stuck in my mind.  Yes!  That was it, they would be perfect in the cake.  Then I thought about how pretty it would be with the purple frosting and how lavender flowers would be perfect on top.  But it had to have a little lavender essential oil in the frosting as well to give the cake a lovely scent and since I already knew those ingredients were heavenly together. 

This cake didn't take long to make since I used my leftover juice pulp from that night to keep it moist and light so it needed no dehydration.  The cake part was amazing, and I could have crumbled it into a bowl and eaten it with a spoon, but that wouldn't be very pretty.  A proper cake needs frosting after all!

The frosting was simple, a coconut butter and blueberry blend with a touch of fragrant lavender.  It was amazing on its own too, but even better once combined with the chocolate cake. This tiny little cake is the perfect size for two people to get a couple servings out of or one if your boyfriend is a chocoholic like mine!

Little Raw Chocolate Cake with Blueberry Frosting  
Makes one 4 inch 2 layer cake

1 1/2 cups raw beet or carrot pulp (or another sweet pulp)
1/2 cup soft medjool dates, pitted (if not soft, soak them in filtered water 30 minutes and drain well)
2 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/8 tsp sea salt
3/4 cup ground flaxseed
1 1/4 cups raw coconut flour (home made is preferred)*
1/2 cup raw cacao powder

1 1/2 cups fresh organic blueberries
4 soft medjool dates, pitted (if not soft, soak them in filtered water 30 minutes and drain well)
a pinch sea salt
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
a few drops du Terra lavender essential oil (or another brand, but make sure it is food grade)
1/2 cup plus 2 Tbsp raw coconut butter (not oil), warmed to liquid

dried lavender flowers for garnish

For the cake, combine the beet pulp, dates, vanilla, and sea salt in a food processor and process until it is well combined and the beets are very finely chopped.  Add the remaining ingredients and process until smooth and well combined.  On a parchment or foil lined tray, shape into two 4 inch circular cake layers. Place in the freezer for about 30 minutes to chill.
Meanwhile, to make the frosting, combine the berries, dates, sea salt and vanilla in the food processor and process until smooth.  Add the coconut butter and process until smooth (if it is clumpy at all, it probably needs to warm up a little, so process until it is not lumpy).  You will be using the frosting right away before it starts to set up.
To frost the cake, place one layer on a plate, and top with about 1/2 cup of the frosting.  Spread out to cover the layer. Top with the other cake layer, then spread the frosting over the top and sides of the cake, smoothing it out.  Extra frosting may be placed in a pastry bag and piped around the top and bottom edges of the cake (optional).  Sprinkle the top with dried lavender.  Place in the fridge for about 30 minutes to set the frosting, then enjoy!  Store any extra cake in the fridge.

*Store bought coconut flour is often times too dry, and it may dry out your cake mixture too much.

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