Green Kale Smoothie and Popsicles: Guest Post by Lisa Viger

I am featuring some of my favorite food bloggers on Fragrant Vanilla Cake this week, and today Lisa Viger gets the spotlight!  Her blog Raw on $10 a Day (or Less) has always been an inspiration to me.  She makes raw food look beautiful, while also keeping it affordable.  Anyone looking to make raw food on a budget should check out her page!  Also, she has a new cookbook Easy Affordable Raw, and it is filled with lots of delicious recipes and I even contributed a dessert recipe! It is soon to be published and you should all check it out as well (you can pre-order on Amazon).  Today Lisa is sharing a nutritious kale smoothie recipe that also doubles as popsicles!  I will now turn it over to her!

Kale is often called, “The World’s Healthiest Food,” and with good reason. It contains a remarkable amount of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin K, which is crucial for bone and heart health.
This is the %DV that Kale provides per cup.
·         Vitamin K - 1180%
·         Vitamin A - 98%
·         Vitamin C - 71%
·         Mangenese - 27%
·         Copper - 22%
·         Vitamin B6 - 10%
·         Fiber - 10%
·         Protein - 5%
Kale is also an amazing plant in the garden, is easy to grow, and beautiful, too. Start some now for a delicious Fall harvest!
This smoothie is a nutritional powerhouse, but is also incredibly tasty and perfect for breakfast or an anytime snack.
Green Kale Smoothie
·         3 cups kale leaves, loosely packed
·         2 cups water, more or less for blending
·         1 cup mango chunks, frozen
·         1 cup strawberries, frozen
·         1 banana, sliced into 1 inch pieces and frozen
·         ½ cup chopped carrots (can be frozen for an extra frosty smoothie)
·         4 tablespoons hemp protein powder (optional)
·         Place the kale leaves and water in a blender first and process until smooth.
·         Add the remaining ingredients and process until smooth and creamy.
 * Popsicle option ... Like any smoothie mix, this can easily be made into popsicles ... just pour into molds and freeze! 
Yield: makes about 3 servings
Nutritional information:       calories: 253      fat: 0 gr      carbs: 44 gr      protein: 14 gr

Lisa Viger is a vegan artist, author, gardener, food blogger, navel gazer, and lover of the planet and all its inhabitants. More than almost anything, she enjoys showing others that a healthy vegan lifestyle can be economical, simple, fun, and delicious, too. Lisa lives in rural Michigan in a twisty house on a windy hill that sits between a wild creek and a lazy berry patch. Her first raw food book, Easy Affordable Raw, is available now from Quarry Books.
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